something from nothing

three months in, and what can i tell you about functional abdominal pain?

the diagnosis rules out appendicitis, Crohn’s, colitis, or an infection.

that’s what i understand when i am told there is nothing wrong. that nothing can be found.

it places me in a position of having to believe that something – i.e. my daughter’s pain – can come from nothing.

seeing as you already know about my fears, you may as well know that i was kicked out of physics in school – you’d struggle to find a less able mathematician than me. and yet, via twitter, and my research into some writing, i came across Lawrence Krauss, and his thinking around how something can come from nothing.

i don’t need to be able to understand the maths to imagine a flat universe.

maybe when it comes to understanding functional pain, i need to do the same. engage my brain on some other level. then, perhaps, i will be able to accept that sometimes pain just happens.

that something can indeed come from nothing.

Lawrence Krauss presents ‘Something from Nothing and the Magic of Reality’ 12th April 2012.


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