little by little, bit by bit

we’ve been encouraged to set goals. small goals.

i’m not certain, but i have to believe that these small goals will help. because what else is there? six-hourly Tramadol and a child who declines bit-by-bit.

goal: eat breakfast at the table, though the pain folds her over.

goal: walk to the end of the street (a dozen houses, no more), though her feet seem weighed by concrete.

goal: stand up. try.

but she can’t.

and yet, once she’s on her feet, she can make it to the end of the street and back.

and, because we agreed, she takes a photo – one photo a day for a week. the goal: on her feet, outside.

this is the first:


and for those of you who know my daughter – you will see in this image, as i do too, that a little bit of her has come back.


2 Comments on “little by little, bit by bit”

  1. great job. small goals is a very good idea. our goal today: eat dinner. accomplished.

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