back to school (2) – the limits of distraction

my daughter managed forty-five minutes in school this morning, her second visit since January. she spent thirty minutes sitting on a sofa and working through a science exercise with her home tutor, and then had fifteen chat-filled minutes with friends during break time.

her form teacher was clearly delighted to see her again. ‘her friends help to distract her,’ she said.

on the way home, we stopped and made a short film to send to a friend.

all-in-all, we were out for an hour, though most of this time was spent sitting down.

it’s true – friends, making short films, walks to the end of the road and back – all help to distract her. they are important goals to achieve. but there’s no getting away from the fact that she’s in pain. the pain is as attached to her as her shadow is.

what next, i wonder? what’s best? should we extend the weekly session in school, or try for two shorter sessions instead?

the more we extend the session, the more likely it is that she will push up against the limits of distraction.

then what?


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