making plans, 1

what a feeble blogger i am. one bad tooth and i’m floored – for a week.

since my previous post, my daughter has been to school twice.

it’s easy to forget how central school life is; returning is critical to her recovery.

the worst thing about chronic pain is the way it sends you in circles – can’t possibly do ‘x’ because of the pain – so ‘x’ never happens…and pain not only nips at life, it pinches it in. worry winnows it further.

my daughter and i looked at her school timetable today and chatted about the classes she’d like to go to each day. after half term we’ll aim for her to be in school most days, for one session, then two. by the end of the school year hopefully we can build this up to half-days.

maybe that’s too ambitious.

i don’t know.

the choice is quite stark: be stuck at home on the sofa in pain, or go to school. she’ll still be in pain, but she’ll be with her friends and learning again.

it is, as they say, a no-brainer.


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