where children run

we went out today, a family day out, our first since last year.

an hour’s drive took us deep into Hertfordshire along ever narrower lanes heaped high with cow parsley; beyond, yellow fields of rape, violent with sunshine. this sudden, brilliant Spring, and my dear, darling daughter wanting more than anything to be there already.

if you’ve not been, then you should: the Henry Moore Foundation, Perry Green.

it’s a place where children can run and play and be free and Moore’s magnificent sculptures invite you to approach and touch and dream.

my favourite work was Moore’s Double Oval.

the kids were not so sure about Moore’s abstract shapes, but what did that matter? – they were too busy running.

my daughter too.

Double Oval, Henry Moore, 1964

Double Oval, Henry Moore, 1964


3 Comments on “where children run”

  1. john says:

    happy days!

  2. gina says:

    An hour in the car is a major achievement, let alone running around!! 🙂

  3. we needed to use the wheelchair for a bit, so she could rest, but yes, we’ve seen a complete transformation in what she is able to do over the past few days. she said tonight, ‘i feel amazing; tired, but amazing.’

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