eat, sleep, live

this evening, my daughter is going for a sleepover with a friend. a week ago, this would not have been possible.

should she go? every small twinge of pain she has and worry flares again – bright as ever. what if the Gabapentin fails spectacularly, suddenly…?

what if?

what if?

what if?

what if all of this is too good to be true?

i have to switch my head off. she has to go.

months of chronic pain have changed our lives. i wasn’t aware of it to begin with, but pain changes so much – it makes you wary and worried; it refuses to be defined or answer the questions you have of it. it confines, building a kind of structure around the family that has hardened over time.

it’s time to chisel our way out.

my daughter will go for a sleepover and my husband and i will go out for an early evening meal. we can get back easily, if we need to. it will be our first night out together since last year.

i’m sure my daughter will be fine – Gabapentin will at least ensure she gets some sleep.


2 Comments on “eat, sleep, live”

  1. gina says:

    She will be fine, but it is our job to worry! Enjoy your meal out together gx

  2. she will come with ‘full instructions’ ­čÖé – she’s so looking forward to this. the medicine does zonk her, and i’d be surprised if she was awake any later than 9.30 – 10. thanks, gina. x

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