keep on keeping on

i broke my shoulder on Saturday.

things have been a bit upskittled since then. it’s a nuisance.

my daughter takes Gabapentin three times a day to control her pain – 900mg in total. yesterday evening she was quite sore. it turned out she’d forgotten to take her tablet in the morning and she didn’t get her second tablet (which was her first, in fact) until 4.30 p.m.

she went back to school today for an hour – the plan is to get her into school most days for one or two lessons, and to build her stamina again. although she was still sore this morning, she’s happier than ever. i think we may have reached a tipping point with this – at least i hope so. as she regains her independence it helps to move the pain away from her. it is key to her recovery, i think.

with one arm in a sling, i can’t drive, but friends are stepping in to help. it means she can get to school and will be on track to return full time in the Autumn.

now that’s something to look forward to.


2 Comments on “keep on keeping on”

  1. Beth Gallob says:

    Oh, So sorry to hear about your accident! What were you doing? You poor thing. On the bright side, it’s so good to read that your daughter is doing better. My husband took that med for nerve pain. We got up to 2700 mg/day, but it never helped. Great that it is helping her.

  2. thanks, Beth; it’s a peculiar drug – it either works very well or not at all. i tripped up in the dark and fell awkwardly, and that was that!

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