far from home

we’re over a week into my daughter’s phased return to school – she’s been in school every day between 11 a.m. – 3.10 p.m. she needed to lie-down twice because of tiredness – a side-effect of the hefty dose of Gabapentin she takes each day for pain relief. one teacher noted this might be avoidance behaviour setting in (i’m aware of that, but please give her a chance).

school is where she wants to be. she volunteered to help out with a parents’ evening, giving guided school tours to parents of prospective pupils. she’s doing her best.

what has been clear this week, is that school is not a stress-free experience for her. each lesson is a reminder of how much she has missed, how far the curriculum has moved on from her. it’s bewildering – as if she’s been set down on the far side of town and told to find her own way home.

how did the stress manifest itself? we’ve had tears and shouting and pain – her teeth suddenly hypersensitive, so much so that she could not eat. she saw a dentist. the dentist said her teeth are perfect and the pain is because of a heightened response, i.e. pain hypersensitivity.

stress = pain? or maybe it’s coincidental?

i don’t know.

times like this, it feels we’ve still got a way to go.


One Comment on “far from home”

  1. john says:

    forgive the inappropriate use of this website, l’m on a ps3 .no e-mail. i was going to say, brake a leg at dunbar. but maybe just keep pushing would tempt the fates less.

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