The Mysteries of Chronic Pain – Elliot Krane


2 Comments on “The Mysteries of Chronic Pain – Elliot Krane”

  1. Gavin Joule says:

    Hi There,
    Many thanks for the link to that interesting video, our Daughter has suffered from FAP for many years now… non of the drugs have worked sadly. She is however at this moment on a 3 week residential pain management course at Bath Hospital not sure if you have heard of it, but it’s NHS, we were referred from Plymouth. Thought it might be of interest to you… Best Gavin

  2. guinglasfurd says:

    Hi Gavin – so sorry for my late reply. Thanks ever so much for the link. I think it’s great you have a service you can access. My daughter was referred to the Pain Control Service at Great Ormond Street Hospital, who were fantastic. Nationally, the provision of services for children in pain is very uneven – it’s frankly scandalous. Most pain services clinics only see adult patients. I hope the course helped your daughter. All best wishes.

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