little by little, bit by bit

the images on this page were taken by my daughter as part of a week-long project. she has been away from school since January 2013 with chronic pain. we are trying to set goals with her, so that she gradually gains a sense of achievement in the smallest things.

the goal we have is quite simply to get her on her feet and outside for a short walk. she has been taking a photo each day, sometimes more, and these have formed a photography project for school. that’s another achievement – her first major piece of work since January. the words below are hers.


This is a lamp post on my street. I like taking photographs from unusual angles.


This is a picture of a wall on my street. The angle makes the street look really long.


This photograph is taken with the camera on the ground. The picture looks moody in black and white.


I took this using my Mum’s camera on her phone. I like the colours.


I like this mossy wall. I like taking close-up pictures.




The textures on the post look interesting close-up and the thorns look larger than they are.




This is my Dad’s arm and hat from a low angle. The shapes are simple but it is not easy to work out what they are.


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