pizza power

my daughter went out two hours ago to a pizza party in town with her friends.

i’ve just received a text message from her

Having the best time ever!!!!!

and that’s just about the best text message ever too.


decisions, decisions…

my daughter has gone to a friend’s house for an hour.

what should i do with the free hour i have? should i:

a. dash out to the shops?

b. write a two page summary of my novel?

c. go for a walk and remind myself that the world extends beyond the end of the road?

d. go back to bed?

e. weep?

f. stop and have a cup of tea with said friend’s mum?

(f) ­čÖé & with thanks to said friend’s mum for asking x

ha ha ow ow

we’re watching mad minecraft videos on youtube.

stupid axe-wielding biscuit, my daughter says, and i laugh.

i like to laugh, she says, then, – i can’t laugh anymore, it hurts.

i pull a daft face.

we laugh.

ha ha ow ow.

that’s the way it is now.