life, death, hamsters

my daughter’s pet hamster died last week. not even an emergency dash to the vet could save it.

and although the vet said don’t give up hope, the hamster is now buried in the garden and planted over with anemones.

maybe this is simplistic, but functional abdominal pain is often associated with anxiety, grief. distress – all these things can worsen the pain.

my daughter was very upset at losing her hamster, but there was no sudden clutching of her stomach, no worsening of symptoms. if anything, she’s been brighter these past few days.

i’ve written elsewhere of equations that don’t balance.

but hey. life goes on. we have two new tiny hamsters – parsley and sprout – and they are a treat. these are not they, but are almost as cute:

i’ve said it before – hamsters should be available on the NHS.